Newtown Emergency Services Department

The mid 1990’s brought increasing demands on the firefighters during the daytime hours leading to an ever-growing problem with manpower during normal work hours. The call volume began to tax the local businessmen who allowed their employees to respond to fire calls. In December of 1995 the Fire Chief made a proposal to the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and the Manager of Newtown Township to begin working toward a career system to augment the volunteers of Newtown Fire Association during hours of critical shortages in manpower. The Board of Supervisors were extremely receptive to the proposal and fully understood the magnitude of the problem. Working side by side, the Township manager, the Board of Supervisors, the Fire Marshal and Newtown Fire Association created the Newtown Township Emergency Services Department went into operation May 2, 1996 as an official township department.

The Newtown Emergency Services Department would operate the apparatus owned by Newtown Fire Association and have offices at Station 55 on Municipal Drive. The township personnel would conduct fire inspections in both Newtown Township and Newtown Borough and handle most routine fire calls during normal working hours. This allowed the volunteer member to continue working at their jobs and to only respond to the more serious calls. It has since expanded and now responds to assist Newtown American Legion Ambulance on all calls for Emergency Medical Services in Newtown Township, Newtown Borough and Northern Middletown Township during their hours of operation.

The effects of this department were quickly recognized as the quicker responses to emergencies had a dramatic impact on the outcome of situations that otherwise would have been much worse. Additionally, the number of serious fires in commercial and industrial properties has been seriously reduced since its inception. In 1997 Newtown Township, Newtown Emergency Services Department and Newtown Fire Association were recognized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for their progressive and innovative solution to a serious problem.

Today the members of Newtown Fire Association and the Newtown Emergency Services Department work hand in hand to provide a professional fire response to the Newtown Community.


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Station 45 (Newtown Borough) • 14 Liberty Street • Newtown, PA 18940 • (215) 968-3731

Station 55 (Newtown Township) • 55 Municipal Drive • Newtown, PA 18940 • (215) 860-5503